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Why you need a lifestyle personal assistant

If your a business entrepreneur, you know the feeling of your mind moving at a million miles an hour. If your anything like me, then you constantly have thoughts and ideas racing through your head - and then become stressed thinking about how you're going to have the time to implement them. If only there was an extra 20 hours in the week, to be able to work on your business the way you wanted to...

An assistant in both your business and personal aspects of life can be the difference between everything on your to do list being completed or not.

As a job we do ourselves, it might seem ridiculous that we also outsource an assistant, but by doing this, it allows us to optimise both our personal and professional lives.

If you're an overworked entrepreneur wondering why your to-do list always seems unfinished, give a PA a go!

"I once had a mentor tell me that a key to day-to-day success is to hire a PA to keep the trains running on time while you focus on big picture ideas. At first, I thought it was a waste of money, but now I completely understand where he's coming from.

I don't want to get bogged down in the minutiae of my business. I've found that it's better to delegate smaller tasks so I can have more time and brainpower to focus on growing my business in the long-term"

Still apprehensive? Here are 5 reasons why a lifestyle personal assistant is an absolute must for any successful small business owner:

1) Keeping You On Schedule

In a given day, I could have 5 meetings and 10 phone calls with people from all over Dunedin. If I tried to keep track of all of this myself, I'd lose my mind -- and likely a valuable client or two.

I have a personal assistant to help me out where Siri can fail, making sure I'm never double-booking myself. I utilise my assistant each morning, so I know exactly what I have planned in the day ahead, then she sends me a debrief each afternoon to make sure I haven't missed anything for the next day.

While some small business owners trust the tried-and-true paper planner or calendar, I'd rather put my trust in another person. The last thing I'd want is to forget a meeting with a potentially lucrative client or be an hour late to a personal function.

2) Delegation of Smaller Tasks

Delegation is a miracle for small business owners, but one they're often most hesitant to embrace. When you're just starting out, you're in control of everything. As you grow, you need to leave that mentality behind and trust others to get meaningful (yet tedious) tasks done.

It can be a scary thing trusting others with your stuff, whether it's your home cleaning, business tasks or even running errands - but once you do, you'll never look back!

As an example, we usually spend all business hours of everyday with clients, therefore we are rarely ever able to complete our own personal tasks that also must be done during business hours. Because of this we entrust a PA to do these things for us, so we go home at the end of the day knowing all our business tasks and personal errands are complete!

When you have an especially talented PA, one who learns your preferences over time, it's like you're being doubly productive. It can be like having another you!

Small tasks can add up to be a major timewaster for small business owners. That's why we would always recommend hiring a trusted assistant to take care of things that could take you out of your flow.

3) Balance Personal Life

This point is the one that makes us the most passionate about the services we offer others. The ability to help a busy person have some sort of work/life balance.

So many people would love to be able to focus on growing 'their empire', but a lot of the time, this is not something people want to do at the cost of neglecting their family.

A personal assistant is an amazing way to ensure you stay on top of important tasks, dates and completing personal errands for you to help keep the right balance of the entrepreneurial lifestyle and still returning to a happy home at the end of the day.

As a business owner, I know how easy it can be to lose the delicate balance between a healthy work and personal life - always worried that something will get neglected and fall apart no matter what. A personal assistant can help you to stop worrying and achieve exactly that!

4) It's an Investment in Yourself

While simpler business owners might see a personal assistant as an added cost, wise ones see them as an investment.

By investing in a personal assistant or two, you're able to spend more time on the things you truly want -- growth, revenue and brand recognition. Think of how much more productive you could be if you weren't throwing away several hours a week on menial tasks?

The money you would generate with that time would quickly recoup the cost of hiring a personal assistant.

5) Like Having Another You

This may be one of the biggest benefits. Over time, your PA will get to know you. Not only how you look and dress, but how you think and act. The assistant will know exactly how you take your coffee, which barista should make it, and when you want it.

By having someone with the same mindset as you, it's like being cloned.

My personal assistants are able to write like me, and I trust them to respond to non-critical emails in my voice. Good personal assistants will be able to write memos, emails and other key pieces of information just like you.

This will make your day go so much smoother and enable you to keep your focus where it needs to be -- on your business and on your family.

To see more ways we can help - check out our personal services here and business services here.

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