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Simple Time-Saving Tips for Mums

Running a household is time-consuming. Cooking, cleaning, shopping, and organising all seek our attention. As moms, we’re always looking for ways to make life simpler and easier to get ALL these things done and not lose our minds in the process!

We’ve put together a list of our favorite Tips for Busy Mums so you can do more in less time.

Read on for some simple changes you can make to be more efficient around the house.

1. Get ready for the morning the night before

Breakfast, lunch, backpacks, homework, etc., can all be organised and laid out for the next day. Mornings will go so much smoother if you have this system in place and follow it regularly.

2. Autopay your bills

Once you get reoccurring payments set up for your bills, this will save you tons of time every month. Opt for email statements when possible; this eliminates more paper coming into the house and the need to sort it.

If you don’t have a Family Budget, now is the time to start!

3. Shop Online

Spending time going to many stores looking for what you need or want (especially if you have littles with you) is inefficient. Shop online and have your purchases delivered to your doorstep.

4. Keep your house in a clean state

It sounds impossible but really isn’t. When we get busy, cleaning is one of the things that slip by the wayside. Don’t let that happen.

Staying on top of cleaning your house will make it less overwhelming regularly and is more efficient.

If this is something that really does get neglected, you might consider hiring a cleaner for a few hours a week!

5. Place a mat at each doorway

To make sure less dirt is coming into the house to clean up, keep it out! By placing a doormat at each entrance, you’ll cut down the need to sweep or vacuum as often.

6. Sort Your Silverware

As you fill your dishwasher, place each type of utensil in its own slot. Spoons with spoons, forks with forks, etc. This process saves a ton of time when unloading. The kids can certainly get on board with this one.

7. Have kids help with chores and cleanup

There is no way you can do it all! Kids are capable of helping around the house, starting at a young age. Create a chore chart and have them pitch in.

Research suggests that kids tend to have higher self-esteem if given responsibilities around the house.

8. Designate a spot for “in-use” cups

We know this sounds simple, but it makes a big difference over time. Don’t fill the dishwasher with cups that get one use.

Designate a spot on the counter or window sill for cups that are in use, and you’ll only have to wash them once a day instead of several times.

If you organize your kitchen right, it will stay cleaner overall.

9. Watch Your Screentime

We say it to the kids, but we also need to watch our screentime.

Binge-watching Netflix or scrolling through social media can be a time-suck if you’re not careful. Keep your eye on your screentime on your phone and set a limit, so you stay on track each week.

10. Avoid clothes that need ironing or dry cleaning

Nowadays, there are so many great clothing options that don’t need to be ironed or dry cleaned. Read the tag before you buy it and make sure it’s machine washable. You’ll save time and money!

11. Presort laundry (lights/darks)

Have a laundry bin in your room and kids’ rooms so dirty clothes are sorted as they are put in. Lights clothes in one. Darks in another. This method saves a ton of time when it’s laundry day. Also, make sure your loads are full to save on water and utilities.

12. Wash clothes less often

Not all clothes need washing every time you wear them. If you have an undershirt on, you can wear the top layer multiple times before it needs washing. Jeans don’t need washing very often, either. Some people don’t wash them at all, but that might be taking it a little too far!

Keep a lookout for items in your wardrobe that can be re-worn before putting them in the wash.

13. Make time for yourself

How is this a time-saver, you ask? Well, the more you invest in yourself and don’t get caught up in the “I’m Too Busy” trap, the more at peace you’ll be with life and the responsibilities that come with it. You won’t feel as overwhelmed, and you’ll ultimately be more productive.

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