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If you’re struggling right now with decluttering or feeling like you just can’t get motivated to get started, today we're writing about our simple 5 step method to quickly declutter any space.

The goal here is a quick win and a decluttered space. This can be a drawer, a counter, an end table, a closet – choose an area that needs a little decluttering and get started. This week, I chose to declutter my kitchen - my shelves and countertops!

1 – SET A TIMER – This can be for 10 minutes or 2 hours, you choose! I ended up spending about 15 minutes working on this space. As usual, it took me less time than I was anticipating it to take.

2 – CLEAR OUT – Remove all the items from the clutter spot.

3 – QUICK SORT – Do a Quick Sort – put each item in one of these 4 clutter categories (Keep, Toss, Donate, Relocate). I ended up with a donate bag and a toss bag – love that feeling!

4 – WIPE + PLACE – Make sure the area is wiped clean and ‘Keep’ items back.

I also vacuum/dust a space if necessary – this took about 1 minute and is always worth the effort!

5 – TAKE A LOOK – Assess the area and determine if there’s anything you need to keep this space from cluttering up again. Put your Relocate items in their new spot and take care of your Toss and Donate items!

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