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6 steps to sort your linen cupboard

Linen cupboards are not always high on the priority list of areas to organise in the home – often items get shoved into them and are overlooked, over-stuffed and cluttered.

The problem is often that old favourite – having too much stuff!

Having a good clear out and reorganise does wonders for your mind and saves you from rummaging around, hoping to find a sheet set!

Here are some simple steps to follow, to ease the stress this area can cause and help you to feel in control, once and for all.


Often the problem lies with having too much linen, no sense of order and sometimes, just not enough space. Firstly, take everything out! Put like with like together such as sheets, towels, pillowcases. Then, go through each category and get rid of the tired and worn looking pieces. The SPCA loves to receive these items and you can turn some of them into cleaning rags too. Only keep the items that you know you use, not the "I might use it one day" items.


Be realistic about just how much linen you really need for the number of people you live with, the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home and how often they get used.

Two to three sheet sets per bed and two to three towel sets per person is a good guideline.


You may need to measure the sheets you want to keep to make sure you're hanging on to the correct sizes (measurements can be found online). Then label them with a sharpie or fabric marker which saves you having to go through it all again in the future!


Put sheet sets together in order of size and if you are stuck for space, they can always live in the wardrobe in the room they belong in – this can be a good idea for guest linen especially.

Under- bed storage is another solution and space-saver.

Put the same size linen on the same shelf where possible and label the shelves. Contain in baskets and/or buy shelf dividers to separate the sets.

This keeps items organised, contained and makes it very clear to everyone in the family as to where items now live.

You can also store sheet sets inside one of the matching pillowcases.

Store frequently used items such as towels and current seasonal items in easy-to-access areas and less used items such as spare duvets and electric blankets up high or in another room if space is an issue.


Organise your towels according to type, either roll or fold depending on your preference.

Kids' towels and beach towels work well rolled up in baskets or flexi-bins in the bottom of the cupboard – this makes it easy to grab and go.

You can do the same with blankets and throws in the colder months too.


Now that your linen cupboard is decluttered and organised, adopt the "One in, one out" rule – if you buy one piece of linen, one has to go out.

This rule works a treat to keep your linen levels in balance in the future and will prevent it from becoming chaotic ever again.

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